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CPP work with Sir Clive Loader to kick anti-social behaviour into touch

CPP work with Sir Clive Loader to kick anti-social behaviour into touch

Community Projects Plus are delighted to be commissioned by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Sir Clive Loader, to help discourage anti-social behaviour in Leicester.

Earlier this week (Monday 31 March), Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Sir Clive Loader met with over 70 young footballers at a football tournament held by Community Projects Plus initiative “Street Sport”, a project funded to develop and support young people in the areas of Braunstone, Stocking Farm, Northfields and New Parks. In early March, Sir Clive announced that Street Sport had received a further £22,000 to continue the project which received its first £10,000 PCC Grant in 2013.

Local residents experience a difference in the behaviour of young people in their local areas engaged in the programme, with a reduced perception of anti-social behaviour in particular. Community Projects Plus receive feedback reports from the young peoples’ schools which also indicates an increased interest in education as the young people begin to view education as a route towards becoming sports leaders and coaches themselves.

Sir Clive said: “Activities provided by Community Projects Plus provide an opportunity for young people to meet with others from nearby areas and feel part of a community, improving relationships and bringing them together through sport. Such focused activity is crucial in the efforts to reduce anti-social behaviour in our communities.”

Many young people have expressed that they have had a life changing experience through the project which takes a holistic approach in supporting each young person. As trust builds between the CPP team and the young people who attend, coaches build closer relationship where they are able to offer support in such areas as health education and life skills.

On receiving additional PCC Grant funding, Jon Hunt, Director of Leicester-based Community Projects Plus said: “The PCC Grant sustains the ongoing development of the young people engaged in the project. We’ve broken down barriers over the last twelve months, and this funding will enable us to continue making a difference in their lives.”

Research has shown that there is a link between sport and better relationships between young people and their surrounding area.

Jon Hunt added: “Our projects address what young people often call the ‘boredom factor’ in a local area, engaging with young people who might otherwise be at risk of anti-social behaviour or offending due to a lack of focused positive activity.”

Although local organisations can arrange for young people to attend, anyone wishing become involved in a Community Projects Plus StreetSport session in their area can attend the following sessions each week:

  • Mondays 6pm to 8.30pm at The Braunstone Grove, Court Crescent, Braunstone
  • Wednesdays 5.30pm to 7pm at Stocking Farm Youth Centre, Marwood Road
  • Fridays 7.15 to 8.30pm at Countesthorpe College, Blaby
  • Saturdays 6pm to 8pm at Northfields House Primary School, Gipsy Lane, Northfields

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If you have any information about crime and anti-social behaviour in your area please contact your local police on 101 or call Crimestoppers, which is free and anonymous, on 0800 555 111.